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Identity Development

“This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is part of life.

May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need.”

-Dr. Kristin Neff-

It is possible to feel at home in your body and in your life. Explorations of identity, shifting values, and individual authenticity can be daunting to pursue. With the support of therapy, it is possible to untangle and move forward from the various ways we have learned to be in the world that are no longer serving us or aligning with who we are.

I believe in the value of building self-awareness through a lens of curiosity and self-compassion. This process can lead us to deeper connections in our relationships with others and the world around us. I believe in your wholeness and your capacity for self-trust and self-respect.

Therapy may be useful for those exploring:

Changes in identity

Low self-esteem/self-worth

Gender identity & sexuality

Building self-compassion

Reducing negative self-talk

Building self-trust & connection to internal voice

Existential questions