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Trauma & PTSD

“We heal when we can be with what we feel.”

-Hillary L. McBride-

The impacts of trauma can be far-reaching and all-consuming. Whether you are having a difficult time coping following a stressful or painful event, or you have experienced a more chronic exposure to lack of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual safety, therapy can help. You deserve to feel safe in your body, relationships, and story. You do not need to hold this alone.

The foundation of effective trauma therapy is a safe, trustworthy therapeutic relationship. It is my priority to create a collaborative experience where your voice is heard and your pace is honored. We will frequently discuss safety, boundaries, and your shifting needs as we move forward in this work together.

While my approach to trauma treatment is eclectic, one intervention I frequently use is Lifespan Integration. LI is a gentle, body-based trauma intervention rooted in somatic therapy, neuropsychology, and polyvagal theory. I find LI to be immensely useful in supporting clients with trauma processing, reduction of symptoms and triggers, and improved sense of self and safety.

Trauma therapy may be supportive for those who experience symptoms such as:

Intrusive memories, flashbacks, and/or nightmares

Marked distress and/or avoidance of trauma reminders

Physical and somatic symptoms


Lack of trust for others

Ongoing negative emotions

Lack of concentration

Difficulty feeling positive emotions

Feelings of shame or helplessness

Dissociation and feelings of disconnection from self, others, and the world