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Perinatal & Fertility Support

“Embrace every part of the journey. Even the part where you are waiting, listening, and learning.”

-Morgan Harper Nichols-

The experiences of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood are ones of change, growth, and tenderness. Perinatal life stages present us with unique mental and emotional health needs. Therapy can be a safe, supportive space to honor shifting identities and capacities as you explore these different life stages.

The journey to parenthood can be one of deep joy and anticipation. It also can bring immense grief, fear, and uncertainty for many. I offer support for those facing challenges and questions related to reproductive grief, pregnancy and fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, child loss, birth trauma, and/or postpartum mood disorders.

I am trained as a perinatal mental health provider through Postpartum Support International. I am happy to offer you space to explore your unique needs related to your perinatal mental and emotional health.

Therapy focusing on perinatal and fertility support may be helpful for those dealing with:

Postpartum depression or anxiety

Intrusive thoughts

Transition to parenthood

Relationship challenges

Traumatic birth experiences

Pregnancy loss & child loss

Fertility challenges

Fertility treatments (IVF, IUI, etc.)